Registered Address
380 City Road, Southbank VIC 3006

RTO Name
BAWM Pty Ltd


50 078 456 676

t: 1800 862 284

BAWM is one of the Registered Training Organisations under Vocation.
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Our nationally recognised training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding (where applicable). We actively tailor training for people from diverse backgrounds and those with disabilities, and encourage all to apply.

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It’s important to us that our students enjoy their courses and get the support they need to complete them. All our policies, procedures and things we ask of our students are detailed in our handbook.

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How to check the quality of BAWM courses

Our performance is measured by Quality Indicators (QI) – a national standard across the industry. It means every RTO must collect and report feedback so that students and employers can compare and choose the best one for them. It’s also a great way for us to measure our performance against other RTOs and make sure we’re staying ahead of the pack.

See the latest Quality Indicator Report 1

View the Competency Completions Reports 2

1 These indicators are based on a survey of 1823 students and 27 employers. This sample represents 4.5% per cent of this organisation’s training delivery in the 2013 calendar year. The students and employers surveyed for these indicators were selected by this organisation in accordance with national guidelines
2 Competency completions, in this case, are a measure of volume